TSW Theatre

“To enrich public’s life through theatre”

Founded by Tang Shu-wing in 2011, Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio is a centre for theatrical research and creation. We believe that art is a space for feeling and expression. The internal transformation of human is the most mysterious experience in theatre. We practice physical theatre and minimalist aesthetics without relying on single school of thought because the biggest fun of being an artist is to realise when to insist and when to be open-minded. Whatever classics or contemporary work, we created with specific artistic proposition and practice together with humanity elements. The team supports each other and purposely develop the professional younger generation in order to archive our mission and value. Our former is No Man’s Land which was registered in 1997. Until now, we created 16 productions including “Titus Andronicus”, “Macbeth”, “Titus Andronicus 2.0”, “Thunderstorm”, “Why Aren’t You Steve Jobs?” and “Detention”. We established "Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme" in 2014, which aims to provide methods for new generation to express themselves through their bodies. 


Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio is selected as one of the "Eminent Arts Group" by Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2019. Upcoming creation and projects are diverse. Contemporary dark comedy “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” was staged in October 2019. A community theatre with hundreds of persons in custody is implemented till 2021. The first Hong Kong International Shakespeare Festival will be presented in late 2020.