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Jockey Club Drama for Correctional Service Pilot Programme
Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, this project uses drama as a mean to provide alternative rehabilitation experience to persons in custody. The first year of the 2 year-project includes 10 shows of “Detention”, a non-verbal drama performed by professional actors, 3 sessions of introductory drama workshop and 8 sessions of advanced drama workshop. Persons in custody who have completed the advanced drama course will have a chance to learn and perform “Detention” in front of  family and community members. The project aims to increase the persons in custody’s  understanding and interests of drama, and enhance their self-confidence, social skills as well as communication skills . Particularly, the public performance empowers persons in custody and brings inspiration to the audience. Their effort and talent will be recognized by the public, breaking the usual stigma on them. 

“Detention” demonstration performance

 For most of the persons in custody, it was the first time to watch a drama show. “Detention” was no sermon. Rather, it is easy to understand. Persons in custody came to know about drama in a fun and relaxing way. “Detention” is physical theatre without language. Performers show their love and hate only with their body, rhythm, dance, movement and percussion. It seems to be a melodrama, in fact, it will make you eye-opening. Physical theatre eliminates language barrier by using the most original expression of human - body language, making it a suitable performance for all persons in custody, who have diverse language background. 

The story of “Detention” 
Four naughty students are detained after school with a stern teacher who has the heart issue. Under the increasing tension, the plot becomes exciting and funny. The play is filled with martial arts and heartfelt moment. Eventually, it is a happy ending with love and happiness. 

Words from Tang Shu-wing, Artistic Director
“Laugh let us read this world with an optimistic attitude. It generates positive energy which helps us to face the difficulties of life. The original work lasts for 75 minutes. Now we create this 35-minute version specially for persons in custody to experience the spirit of the original. Hope this work can initiate audience’s interests in experiencing arts and understanding our life.”

Audience response
Over 400 persons in custody have watched “Detention”. They were joyful and full of laugh. Many of them expressed an increased interests in drama, and even hope to be the performers of “Detention” in the future. 

Introductory drama workshop

Eight classes of introductory drama workshop, each with 3 sessions, were conducted in total. With the aim to enhance the effective communication skills and emotion expression, the introductory drama workshop allows the participants to express themselves truly and know how to better control their bodies through games and activities. 

Participants’ feedback
With huge support from the persons in custody, all classes of introductory drama workshop were registered quickly. 

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Activities Schedule 

2019 Oct - Nov 
“Detention” demonstration 

2019 Nov- Dec             
Introductory drama workshop

2020 Apr - May                 
Advanced drama workshop 

The team 
Artistic Director 
Tang Shu-wing

Introductory drama workshop tutors
Choi Leng Chi
Leung Pui Yee Amanda
Chan Ting Hin Henry
Lai Yuk Ching
Lam Pui Lim