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Romeo and Juliet(Drama)

2022 Aug - Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre 
Romeo and Juliet(Drama)

Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio brings a special presentation to you all - ‘Hong Kong International Shakespeare Performance Exchange’, featuring the Hong Kong premiere of two overseas creations - “Hamlet” (dance drama) and “Romeo and Juliet”(drama) – by Hong Kong casts. 

Projecte Ingenu is a Barcelona-based theatre research group. They wanted to build a space of “rest” - with the aim of merging professional work with personal development and investigation of a possible model of contemporary actor. Differing from the original tragic setting, Romeo & Juliet is a playful comedy full of youthful energy. This unique performance merges various performing elements. Performers convert quotidian objects into scenography in a simply but interesting way. It’s the first time for audience to watch this classical tragedy with laughter!

【Creative Team】
Original:William Shakespeare
Adaptation/Dramaturgy: Marc Chornet, Anna Maria Ricart
Director: Marc Chornet
Set Designer: Laura Clos (Closca)
Lighting Designer: Justo Gallego
Costume Designer: Laura Clos (Closca), Teresa del Junco
Assistant: Cristina López
Choreographer: Víctor Rodrigo
Vocal Conductor: Neus Pàmies, Rosa Serra

【Production Team (Hong Kong)】
Translation: Matthew Cheng, Tang Ho Wai
Executive Director: Tang Ho Wai
Cast: Andrew Chan, Elvin Cheung, Samuel Lam, Evil Lam, Judy Or, Erica Tsui, Cassandra Tang, Hugo Tung, Yo Wong
Movement Coach: Henry Chan
Set Coordinator: Isaac Wong
Relight Lighting Designer: Samuel Chan
Sound Coordinator: Chan Kwun Wang
Costume Coordinator: Jade Leung
Presented and produced by : Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio - Artistic Associate of the Hong Kong Arts Centre

Created by:Projecte Ingenu(Spain)

"The Hong Kong International Shakespeare Performance Exchange" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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