TSW Theatre
29th Hong Kong Drama Awards - Nomination of Dead Man’s Cell Phone
It is our honour for the Nomination of "Dead Man's Cell Phone" in the 29th Hong Kong Drama Awards. 

Best Director (Comedy/Farce)  - Tang Shu-wing 
Best Supporting Actress (Comedy/Farce)  - Cecilia Yip Tung 
Best Set Designer# Vanessa Suen Wing Kwan  
Best Lighting Designer# Zoe Cheung So Yi 

#Joint Set Designers are Gongxun (龔勳)& Suen Wing Kwan while joint Lighting Designers are Chen Jixia (陳俠吉) & Cheung So Yi Zoe. According to the judging regulation, candidate must be a holder of Hong Kong Identity Card. Therefore, only Suwn Wing Kwan and Cheung So Yi are qualified.