TSW Theatre
Tang Shu-wing has been awarded the"Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts"

Our Artistic Director, Mr. Tang Shu-wing has been awarded the "Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts” by the Hong Kong Art Development Council for his distinguished and outstanding achievement to theatre, drama education as well as interdisciplinary performing arts.


An excerpt of his acceptance speech: ‘To become an influential artist, one more condition is required: wisdom. For me, wisdom is "every step in life counts." Only when we understand this truth, we will not be afraid of time nor failure. We then know: when to stick to oneself and when to open oneself. He also shared his thoughts about creation. ‘Artists must find their own cultural identity through individual struggle. Form their own ways of thinking through reality and various art forms. Over years of contemplation and understanding, they discover their own identity and ways to interact with society, before establishing an artistic practice with unique cultural significance. Let us encourage each other in our endeavours.’


Members of board of directors and the whole team congratulate Mr. Tang on winning the award!