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Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme

Physical Theatre Institute (PTI) 
2020/21 Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme

The Studio established "Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme" in 2014, which aims to provide methods for new generation to express themselves through their bodies. 

From this year, extra modules are added. Yoga and text analysis modules are included in year one programme. And different body training modules such as calligraphy, Wing Tsun, Japanese physical arts, improvisation and clown performance are designed for year two students.

Course General Designer and Director
Tang Shu-wing (Yoga, Clown performance)

Instructors and Course Designer
Year one: Rocky Wong (regular course & text analysis), Henry Chan (regular course)
Year two: Van Gogh (regular course), Yam Choi Oi Yee (Calligraphy), Guthrie Yip (Wing Tsun), Anson Lam (Japanese physical arts), Yuk-ching Lai (Improvisation)


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