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Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme

Physical Theatre Institute (PTI) 

2023/24 Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme

The Studio established "Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme" in 2014, which aims to provide methods for new generation to express themselves through their bodies. This programme is based on Tang Shu-wing’s pre-language concept. Actor’s performing ability can be increased through strengthening the interaction between body and sense. As a brand of theatre training, PTI was awarded The Award for Arts Education(Non-school unit) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2015. 

Programme designer, director and tutor

Tang Shu-wing 

Instructors and Course Designer

Year 1

Regular course: Rocky Wong, Henry Chan


Yoga: Tang Shu-wing

Text analysis: Rocky Wong

Year 2

Regular course

Advance body techniques: Henry Chan

Performance skills training: Lai Yuk-ching


Clown performance: Tang Shu-wing

Japanese physical arts: Anson Lam

Vocal skills: Margaret Cheung
Tango: Kamong & Edith

Mime: Larry Ng


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