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Dead Man′s Cell Phone

Dead Man's Cell Phone

While at a café, a man dies. But his cell phone will not stop ringing. The woman at the next table picks up the cell phone and ends up stuck in the middle of all his troubles, meeting his widow, his mother, his brother, and his mistress. In the course of meeting all these people, bits and pieces put together the mysterious life of the dead man. This raises a series of questions about death. Is death means end of everything? What is the value of life and human existence? Will the development of science and technology make people more connected, or more disconnected?


Playwright: Sarah Ruhl

Translation: Tang Shu-wing, Rebecca Po Wan Ting

Director: Tang Shu-wing

Assistant to Director: Jacky Chan Yik Kei

Producer: Rebecca Po Wan Ting

Assistant Producer: Idy Law Sau Wai

Deputy Stage Designer: Vanessa Suen Wing Kwan

Sound Coordinator: Sze Ka Yan

Deputy Lighting Designer: Zoe Cheung So Yi

Deputy Costume Designer: Cheryl Ching

Production Manager: Chan Wing Kit

Cast (according to performance order): 

Lai Yuk Ching, Rocky Wong, Cecilia Yip Tung, Lydia Tong, Ng Fung Ming

Photographer: Fung Wai Sun

Graphic Designer: Edwin Chuk


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2019 Oct - Hong Kong