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Scenes from a Marriage
Scenes from a Marriage

Internationally acclaimed director Tang Shu-wing brings Swedish film maestro Ingmar Bergman’s classic TV miniseries to the stage in a production starring award-winning actors Ben Yuen and Emily Kwan.

In their 20 years together, a seemingly ideal couple have gone through various changes in their relationship, from falling in love through betrayals and splitting up to getting back together. In such intimate proximity, many things have been revealed – their yearning for a shared life, the boredom of daily routine, conflicts behind passion, affection that cannot be expressed – and this, eventually, enables them to grasp the mystery of love that has accompanied them on their journey.

When it premiered in 1973, the original TV series created a sensation in Sweden. Film and theatre versions followed, tugging at the heartstrings of everyone throughout the world. Nearly 50 years on, in a time full of chaos and restlessness, Scenes from a Marriage still has the power to go straight to our hearts.

【1975 National Society of Film Critics Awards, Best Screenplay】
“One of the truest, most luminous love stories ever made.”
Chicago Sun-Times, US

“… breaking into many things we ordinarily accept without thought.”
New York Times, US

“It’s brutal and unfiltered work, depicting the conclusive, universal realisation …”
British Film Institute, UK

“A dramatically absorbing and psychologically rich portrait of a couple.”
US Film Review

“Twenty years after its premiere …, it still strikes us with full force.”
L’Avant Scène, France
Original: Ingmar Bergman
Translation: Chan Chi Wah 
Director/Adaptation: Tang Shu-wing
Cast: Ben Yuen, Emily Kwan
Assistants to Director: Rocky Wong, Jacky Chan
Set & Costume Designer: Ricky Chan
Lighting Designer: Billy Chan
Music Coordinator & Sound Designer: Anthony Yeung
Set & Costume Designer Assistant: Ryan Lo

*The promotional costume of Ben Yuen is sponsored by Emanate
Presented and produced by: Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio

Co-presented with Freespace

Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio is financially supported by the Art Development Matching Grants Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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