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Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life

Julien, a middle-aged playboy, receives a charming robot with a feminine appearance named Chloé as a birthday gift from his friend François. Finding Chloé an ideal woman after she is programmed with memories and sentiments, Julien falls in love with her. Everything is on the right track  until she brings up the  idea of giving birth to a baby…


Francophone Director Tang Shu-wing stages a contemporary French comedy full of romance and humour in Le French May. A supernatural love story performed by famous actress Mandy Wong, veteran actors Guthrie Yip and Joe Wong. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more and more developed. The meaning of interaction between human and AI may be beyond our imagination.


Original: Martial Courcier

Translation: Matthew Cheng, Tang Shu-wing

Director: Tang Shu-wing

Cast: Mandy Wong, Guthrie Yip, Joe Wong

Set & Costume Designer: Vanessa Suen

Lighting Designer: Zoe Cheung

Music & Sound Designer: Stéphane Lam

Video Designer: Oliver Shing


Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

In contribution to Le French May Arts Festival

Produced by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio



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2021 May - Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre