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Titus Andronicus, one of the Studio’s highly acclaimed works, was first staged in Cantonese in the 36th Hong Kong Arts Festival (2008). The second run of Titus Andronicus was specially featured in the 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival (2012) before participating in early May 2012 in Globe to Globe, a World Shakespeare Festival in the Globe Theatre of London as a highlight of the Cultural Olympiad, in which 37 plays of the Bard are performed in 37 languages. It is the first Cantonese production ever performed at the Globe Theatre, London.

The work explores and successfully displays how to release the intensive theatrical tension hidden inside the text of Shakespeare with a minimalist approach.

In this pursuit of theatric minimalist aesthetics, the director intentionally creates an empty space by setting up a bare stage within which performers, incorporating the five fundamental elements of pre – language expression: breath, movement, facial expression, voice and spatial relationship to fully unfold the tragic power of the play. Audiences are all surprised and transfixed by the strong energy generated from the stage

The process of the performers transforming into the characters at the very opening of the play is regarded as one of the most impressive and classic theatrical moments by general audiences and theatre critics.

The Story: The great Roman General Titus Andronicus encountered his cruelest fate during his triumphant return from the battle with the Goths. His innocent daughter, Lavinia, was raped and mutilated by the two sons of Tamora, the Gothic Queen. His two sons lost their lives because of the trickery of Aaron, the beloved slave of Tamora. His remaining son, Lucius, was also forced into exile. On the edge of madness, Titus began his bloody revenge. He trapped the two sons of Tamora and baked their heads into a pie……

Drenched in blood, featuring murder, dismemberment, cannibalism and other grisly acts of violence, Titus Andronicus was Shakespeare’s most gruesome play, controversial in its time and still today.

“A world-class interpretation…. One of the most remarkable productions in recent years”

Xin Kuai Pao, Guangzhou

“Modern and clean mise en scene …..entirely symbolic”

Ming Pao, Hong Kong

“I have never seen such a high level performance in Hong Kong”

Radio Hong Kong

“The director and cast conjured a storming show…a remarkable production”

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

“The acting was so engaging that this reviewer often didn’t need the translation”

The Nation, Thailand

“A mixture of Eastern and Western cultural elements. An unique and amusing show!”

Hangzhou Daily

“Narration and dialogue were accompanied by exaggerated and stylized movements, gestures and tableaux…..Strong passion and physicality appeared in the rest of the performance.”

The Globe Review, London


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Titus Andronicus 2012




回到「空的空間」- 評《泰特斯》(2012) – 小西




“Titus Andronicus” by William Shakespeare


深入簡出的當代莎劇 - 《泰特斯2012》


Minimalism: Titus Andronicus in Cantonese

Li Ruru, University of Leeds, SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE BLOG


Globe to Globe, a World Shakespeare Festival 2012 London

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