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“The Unfettered Hour” Solo
“The Unfettered Hour” Solo 

During his break time, a radio programme host talked to his wife residing overseas in order to save their marriage. Is he courageous enough? 

“The protagonist made an incisive point about the current situation of Hong Kong.” Ting Yu, Theatre Critic

“The theatre craft of Tang Shu-wing has been growing increasingly sophisticated and significant.” Kuh Fei, Theatre Critic

Tang was adept at performing solo and duo works in the 1990s, such as “Miss Margarida’s Way”, “Two Civil Servants in a Skyscraper”, “Two Men on a No Man’s Land” and “Millennium Autopsy”, which are all pioneers of physical and devising theatre. He focused on directing after the millennium and only performed in a handful of ensemble works, yet he was able to transform deftly abstract physical expression into genuine realistic vocabularies. He even won the Best Actor in a Leading Role in the Hong Kong Drama Awards with “Sunshine Station” in 2003. Uncovering some unseen sides of Tang, the premiere of “The Unfettered Hour” received overwhelming critical acclaim among professionals and audience alike with three sold-out performances last year. Now, the show returns, with an additional English version made for international audiences. This is an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon, don’t miss it!

In Cantonese/English
*Running time approximately 1 hour 

Tang Shu-wing's nominations with "The Unfettered Hour":

IATC Critics Awards

/ Playwright of the Year

Performer of
the Year  


The Hong Kong Theatre Libre

Best script

Best leading actor

Script/Direction/Performance︱Tang Shu-wing
Assistant to Director︱Cassandra Tang
Lighting Designer︱Zoe Cheung
Sound Coordinator︱Chan Kwun Wang
Stage Manager︱Leung Chung Yin, Ray
Photography︱Carmen So

Presented and Produced by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio

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2022 Oct - McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre