TSW Theatre
“Tang Shu-wing” Painting Exhibition

Good Things Happen Thrice

The outside is disturbing, turn inwards to better prepare for our future —— Tang Shu-wing

The past few years have been universally the most emotionally and intellectually provoking, which inspired the three reflections of Tang Shu-wing: “The Unfettered Hour” Solo x “Farewell” Film Screening x “Tang Shu-wing” Painting Exhibition

“Tang Shu-wing” Painting Exhibition

Tang had learnt ink painting and sketch drawing before pursuing theatre studies in France. This maybe the source of the fantastic and distinctive visual element in his theatre works. During the past few years, he turned what he perceived into abstract images, which can be seen as an act of meditation in unsettling times.

31.3 – 1.4.2023 2-11pm

2.4.2023 11am-7pm

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre (external walls)

Free of Charge