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Hamlet (Dance Drama)
Hamlet(Dance drama)

Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio brings a special presentation to you all - ‘Hong Kong International Shakespeare Performance Exchange’, featuring the Hong Kong premiere of two overseas creations - “Hamlet” (dance drama) and “Romeo and Juliet”(drama) – by Hong Kong casts. 

imPerfect Dance Company’s choreographic language is intensely physical and athletic. All their work seeks to create an emotional connection with the audience. “Hamlet” is a drama about life and death, offering the audience a journey through the darkest alleys of the human soul. Our heroine, a mentally unstable young woman, identifies herself with her namesake, Shakespeare’s Ophelia. Reading Hamlet, she tries to understand what happened to her. Words take shape, characters come alive and through the story told by Shakespeare, Ophelia relives the dramatic events of her own life.
【Creative Team】
Original︱William Shakespeare
Concept & Choreographer|Walter Matteini & Ina Broeckx
Costume Designer|Weber+Weber Sartoria
Stage Designer |Ina Broeckx
Lighting Designer|Bruno Ciulli
Music Composer|Ezio Bosso, Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter, Philip Glass

【Production Team (Hong Kong)】
Executive Choreographer|Lai Tak Wai
Performers|Peggy Chow, Jasmine Lam, Lee Ka Ki, Summer Tai, Tseky Tse, Neil Yuen, Carmen Yu
Set Coordinator|Isaac Wong
Relight Lighting Designer|Samuel Chan
Sound Coordinator|Chan Kwun Wang
Costume Coordinator|Jade Leung
Presented and produced by : Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio - Artistic Associate of the Hong Kong Arts Centre

Created by: imPerfect Dancers Company(Italy)

"The Hong Kong International Shakespeare Performance Exchange" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 


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2022 Aug - Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre